Sunday, 15 March 2009

Not a buldozer or a builder's bum in sight . . .

BBC documentary short about the Heygate Estate, from March, 2009

More than 800 households have been moved off the estate. Yet 400 remain. Touching commentary by some the old people still living on the estate:

"They don't want the working classes in this area . . . "

"Put me on the scrap heap why don't they?"

The bulldozers and builder's bums are supposed to be making an appearance this summer, but we'll see if they do.

Old Punks Never Die . . .

They just end up in the Guardian.

Punks and Skins

Gavin Watson is a British photographer. He knew many of his subjects, and this intimacy comes out in his photographs. A London you couldn't imagine now, even in the post-turbo-capitalist phase - but who knows, if the recession deepens, it may be on the way back . . .