Friday, 30 April 2010

Montly (or thereabouts) round-up

Bit late on this one this month folks . . . well, here we go:

Some nice images of the Heygate from james_rawimages

Nice photo essay of remaining residents from Yimmit Photography

From Milkshake: the Heygate wind turbine produced half the electricity as originally predicted

According to the Worker's Revolutionary Party, heat and hot water shut off 'permanently' and coucil sends out notice promising 'alternative arrangements. Interview with some remaining tennants.  This confirmed by Southwark News. Also,  from Southwark News: 'Waiting for new home mental torture' says Estate pensioner.'

Empty Heygate Estate by photographer Zara Lloyd

From People's Republic of Southwark: Heygate Myths.  According to an MORI poll, 11 years ago, 55% of Heygate residents were satisfied with life on the estate, undermining the myth of the 'infamous' Heygate sink estate promulgated by the media.

Views from the roof of the Heygate 

Arty Elephants from Southwark News

And last, but certainly not least, the Original HeygateSE17 has now reached 501 members (thus giving more backing to the 'Heygate Myths'.

All for now - I'll try to get up to speed this month with another post in a couple of weeks.