Friday, 30 April 2010

Montly (or thereabouts) round-up

Bit late on this one this month folks . . . well, here we go:

Some nice images of the Heygate from james_rawimages

Nice photo essay of remaining residents from Yimmit Photography

From Milkshake: the Heygate wind turbine produced half the electricity as originally predicted

According to the Worker's Revolutionary Party, heat and hot water shut off 'permanently' and coucil sends out notice promising 'alternative arrangements. Interview with some remaining tennants.  This confirmed by Southwark News. Also,  from Southwark News: 'Waiting for new home mental torture' says Estate pensioner.'

Empty Heygate Estate by photographer Zara Lloyd

From People's Republic of Southwark: Heygate Myths.  According to an MORI poll, 11 years ago, 55% of Heygate residents were satisfied with life on the estate, undermining the myth of the 'infamous' Heygate sink estate promulgated by the media.

Views from the roof of the Heygate 

Arty Elephants from Southwark News

And last, but certainly not least, the Original HeygateSE17 has now reached 501 members (thus giving more backing to the 'Heygate Myths'.

All for now - I'll try to get up to speed this month with another post in a couple of weeks.


McManis said...

...shame you are not able to keep this up. Check out my Heygate Page if you get the chance...

HeygateLive said...

Thanks - I'd love to keep it up but since I haven't been in the UK for a couple of years now, it's sort of difficult. I was keeping up with the news for awhile but the Heygate dropped off the radar. You've inspired me - I'll have to write up another post.

I'll check out your page later this weekend.


Chris said...

Thanks for taking the time to put all this up - it's fascinating!

I work on the Southbank, commuting in and out from the suburbs by train. It wasn't until I drove up on Sunday (Boxing Day = no trains) to take my kids to the Clink museum that I registered just how close these estates really are to the wealth of the City and the regeneration along the river.

Being keen to find out more, I stumbled onto here, and have just finished reading through from start to finish. Good work!

HeygateLive said...

Hi Chris - thanks so much! Unfortunately, I can't keep it up, given I've been out of the UK for a couple of years now, but I'm glad people still find value in the site.

Yes, one of the most amazing things about the Heygate is how close it is to the wealth and power of the city - just beyond the terraces as it were. One of the things I loved about living there, being able to walk to the Thames and over the river, being able to get just about anywhere quickly.

This reminds me - I'll have to put up an update for the New Year - second hand of course.


Paris said...

hello, my name is Paris Palmer. I am currently in the process of making a documentary about the life in aylesbury estate. I would love to meet up with you and talk to you about your blogs, they are very interesting. and teach me alot about it. I am a student in wales, and this is going to be my graduation film so if you could be of any help, i would really appreciate it.


Paris Palmer

HeygateLive said...

Hi Paris,

Thanks for the kind words about my blog(s). Unfortunately, I can't really help you as I haven't lived on the Heygate or the UK for over two years now - I've been in New York. However, if you want to ask me some questions, send me your email or some contact info and I'll be happy to respond.

You might also try this site:

He/ She seems to be keeping up with the estate, and might even live in or around it.

Best of luck,


Ermete Ricci said...

Hi! We are a group of student filmmakers and interested into making a documentary about the Heygate and the people who used to live in it. I know you moved to New York but hope you can still help us. Is there any chance you can put us in touch with someone you know who would be willing to make part of the film?



HeygateLive said...

Hi Ermete,

I'm not in touch with anyone who used to live on the Estate. When you say 'make part of the film', what do you mean? A film-maker? Someone to interview? I'd happy to help you out but I don't know if I can.