Monday, 22 March 2010

Monthly (or thereabouts) round-up

Photo: Will Montgomery (shot early morning on the Heygate).

Utopia Revisited: an evocative short of the Heygate by Dan Tassell. Post by Dan at Captured City blog detailing his latest return to the Heygate.

Will Montgomery has an exhibit with Owen Hatherley (author of Militant Modernism) at the Southbank Centre on April 21st. From the program notes:
Will Montgomery presents a sound-art piece recorded and shot at the various locales in Elephant and Castle - one of the most contested public spaces in London's history. Using field recordings combined with architectural imagery, Montgomery presents the work and then talks to Owen Hatherley, author of Militant Modernism.

London SE1: Final regeneration deal between Lend Lease and Southwark Council postponed until after elections. From Southwark News: Eviction Notices In as Demolitions Start

From Milkshake: The Tower Block. Fascinating ebook.

random at theatre local, Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre. 
See Random review here.

Some references to music videos on the Heygate on, including a video by Madonna! Who knew? Madge gets down on the estate stairwells at 00:45.

Estates Gazette: All go at the Elephant crows on about the Strata Tower. Asking price at the Strata: A cool half million pounds. According to the related Times article 'The High Life in the Elephant and Castle', 20 of the 310 flats in the Strata are reserved for former residents of the Heygate. Another 98 'affordable flats' are to be launched.

More pictures and descriptions of the view from the Strata at Londonist

Shank and the perils of shooting on location Remaining Heygate residents called in the police after a mock gang war breaks out on the estate. Shank is  a dystopian drama set in the future when the divide between rich and poor have grown to massive proportions. Wait! That sounds like now!

More nice pics of Heygate and Strata from skyscraper city

Last but certainly not least: The Original Heygate SE17 Facebook group is up to 505 members!


Helen said...

I'm working on a BBC Natural History Unit film all about London's wildlife and was wondering whether you get many creatures at Heygate? Is nature reclaiming the site? Do you see many birds and animals? Would love to hear any wildlife stories you have about Heygate!
Best, Helen

Anonymous said...

Hello Helen, i lived on the heygate for over 20 yrs and quite frenquantly used to see a peregrin falcon that used to nest in one of the buildings in wingrave..... jason colville.