Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Monthly (or thereabouts) round-up

Excellent write-up from London blogger Joshua Surtees walking around the estate. He interviews a couple of remaining residents. 

From Southwark Notes: A history of the Heygate regeneration

An amazing slide show from Milkshake, Heygate plans first in 2009, then 1969: 'First as tragedy, then as farce'.

A couple of art projects involving the Heygate: 

matteo borzone's collage of garage doors from the Heygate

A fictional re-inhabitation of the estate 

A documentary series called HAM, by William Williamson. HAM episode 1, is divided between the Heygate estate and Commercial street. 


Photographer Mauro Battoro's series: Mainliners.

An amateur slide show of the estate early this year.

Latecomer: fellow named gaskinz on flickr

Yet more filming on the Heygate: The Bill

And last, but certainly not least: Facebook group The Original Heygate SE17 is close to 500 members!


MW said...


Really enjoy your blog.
I'm doing a photography project on the estate in late April, I don't suppose you know when they're being knocked down as I hope not before my project. Also did you yourself live on the estate because I'm looking to interview some residents for my project. Are there still people living in their now? as I would like to go and speak to them as well.


HeygateLive said...


Well, if you read back through the blog, you'll see I did in fact live on the Heygate - that's why I started it. But it's been awhile, and I couldn't put you in touch with any residents. You might try the Heygate Tennant's Association, or just have a walk around - they might be receptive - or they might not.

I know demo is supposed to start in April sometime, but I think that will only be a couple of buildings away from the main estate. If a hundred or so people still live on the estate, demo won't begin anytime soon.



Joshua Surtees said...

hi Tim,

thanks for your words on my London Loves blog. the Heygate is an important part of recent London history. living there must have been an interesting experience. the views from the top of the Claydon block were impressive. St Paul's, London Eye etc. i think the saddest sight i saw was some lovingly tended hanging baskets outside one flat. clearly elderly residents who didn't want to move out.

i had this gallery of the Heygate estate published on the guardian today. hope you like it.