Monday, 1 February 2010

Update (monthly or thereabouts)

At last an update . . .

What with the hols and being ill for weeks after said hols, I haven't had the energy to update this blog. But not much in the news has come my way either . . .

A couple of things

From the South London Press : Facebook group for the Heygate Estate.

As of this writing, 412 former residents of the Heygate Estate have joined a group called 'The Original Heygate SE17

Another Elephant-related facebook group: The Elephant and Castle is a dump but we like it that way

From Southark News: 'Council Looks to Government for 'payment holiday' on Debt'

Apparently, Southwark council is still paying off the debt, with interest, incurred 50 years ago to build, among other things, the North Peckham Estate and the Heygate.

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Ymmit said...


I'm a photographer currently at studying at London Southbank, just 2 mins from the Heygate Estate.

I'm sure you've had people in contact with you in the past in regards to this, but I'm looking to do a project on the Heygate Estate, and in particular the impact on it's currently dwindling resident population. I'd potentially love the opportunity to get in contact with some current residents, if you hold any.

If you could e-mail at that would be great, so I could explain my intentions further.

I hope you can find the time to help,


PS. Loving the blog!