Monday, 20 July 2009

Heygate Residents Furious at being forced off estate before deal is finalized.

From the South London Press: 

   1000 people have so far been rehoused off the Heygate Estate, but many more remain. The council does keep up regular patrols with wardens and make an effort to keep the estate clean. But that doesn't make it any easier or less bizarre for people to live on an almost empty estate - and to be forced out before the Council can even be sure the redevelopment will go ahead. 

From the article: 

A council spokeswoman said: “The rehousing of residents and demolition of the Heygate will continue as planned.

“The deal with Lend Lease is not over.

“A decision will be made at the council’s executive on July 21.”

She said all tenants would have to be off the estate by September.

She said: “A phased demolition [of the estate] is due to start in 2010, as was always planned.”

 So by September, the estate will be completely empty - and if the deal falls through, what then? Will some 1200 housing units sit empty in the heart of one of the tightest, most expensive rental markets in the world?


shuttermonkey said...

This sounds fascinating. I'm a photographer with an interest in 70's concrete buildings. I'm trying to contact people who know residents for a portrait project. I can't find your email address on the site. Please contact me!

HeygateLive said...

Thanks, just got your message. Will contact you tonight - however, to be clear, I'm not on the estate anymore - in fact not even in the UK, but following the news afar from New York.